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Valhalla Youth Basketball Association

Parents of New Players

About Valhalla

Valhalla Youth Basketball Association was established in 1982 serving the Sarnia Northern area. We offer youth a safe place to learn and develop their skills in the game of basketball. Some choose to play recreational house league while others choose the more competitive rep team. Whatever level of play your child chooses they are sure to enjoy and gain from their experience with Valhalla.
*Valhalla is a not for profit organisation which relies on program fees, fund raising and sponsorship to serve the communities youth.

Mission Statement

Valhalla is an inclusive organisation serving all youth. Our male and female athletes have access to house league, summer camp, and rep programs. We strive to promote and foster the love of the game, team work, respect for oneself and for others.

Rep Teams - Player Commitment

Rep programs are intended for athletes who are committed and serious about playing basketball at a competitive level. It is very difficult to play competitive basketball and another competitive sport. Valhalla basketball is considered the priority sports commitment for our players. Players are expected to put rep basketball ahead of any other team sport. School work / activities always take precedence over rep basketball.

Player and Parents Information Package


Valhalla is a developmental program that instills sportsmanship, fair play and lifelong love for the game of basketball. 

Our team’s philosophy will be built on good spirit, teamwork and respect.  To achieve this, coaches will respect each player and provide her an opportunity to develop the skills and strategies of the game.  Players are expected to put forth their best effort when working individually or as a team at every practice and game.  The rules and regulations of Basketball Ontario will be followed.  Again this year, OBA will follow the rules and regulations of FIBA.


Practices will begin on time and end on time.  Players are expected to be dressed, stretched and ready to play when practice times begin.  Please notify coaches in advance if a player cannot attend a practice.

** Practice times are subject to change occasionally


All players must be ready to play one half hour before each game.


These games will be scheduled throughout the season.  Coaches will endeavour to provide you with as much advance notice as possible concerning dates, times and locations.

Please confirm your child’s attendance at these games and tournaments as soon as possible.

Hotel rooms will be reserved for each family at a team discount rate. To assure you receive these rates book by the deadlines given via email (please check email regularly).

If parents are not able to accompany their daughter to attend any of the tournaments, please make arrangements with other parents or coaches to drive and stay overnight with your daughter.  Please share all expenses (gas, accommodation) if players are being chaperoned by another parent or coach.


   Remember our “ROOTS”

“Respect for Officials, Opponents, Teams and the Sport itself”

Parents are welcome to attend practices but are discouraged from commenting or participating.  This also applies to games.  Referees can and do give technicals.  This reflects badly on the team.  Coaches are volunteers and are doing the very best they can to teach the game of basketball and provide a positive experience.  Please do not criticize or impede their efforts.  Players and parents are encouraged to follow and enforce their “ROOTS” throughout the season.